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The D.A.G Project (Digital African Girls) is a program that aims to empower African girls through digital literacy and skills development. The program provides girls with access to technology, training in digital skills, and mentorship from role models in the tech industry. The goal of the D.A.G Project is to create a new generation of African women who are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital economy.

The D.A.G Project is a partnership between Elimu Afrika and Google. The program is currently being implemented in Kenya and Tanzania, and it is expected to reach over 10,000 girls by 2025.

The D.A.G Project includes the following components:

  • Digital literacy training: The D.A.G Project provides girls with training in basic digital skills, such as how to use a computer, access the internet, and create and share content online.
  • Coding and app development: The D.A.G Project also provides girls with training in coding and app development. This training gives girls the skills they need to create their own digital products and solutions.
  • Mentorship: The D.A.G Project pairs girls with mentors who are role models in the tech industry. These mentors provide girls with guidance and support as they develop their digital skills and pursue their career goals.

The D.A.G Project is an important initiative that is helping to empower African girls and create a more inclusive digital economy.

Here are some of the benefits of the D.A.G Project:

  • Increased access to technology: The D.A.G Project provides girls with access to technology, which can help them to improve their education, connect with others, and explore new opportunities.
  • Improved digital skills: The D.A.G Project teaches girls digital skills that are in high demand in the workforce. This can help girls to get better jobs and earn higher salaries.
  • Increased confidence: The D.A.G Project helps girls to develop their confidence and self-belief. This can help them to achieve their goals and succeed in life.
  • More diverse tech workforce: The D.A.G Project is helping to create a more diverse tech workforce. This is important because diversity leads to innovation and better problem-solving.

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